High: 773 - Myaka River State Park Hide

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Myakka State Park Rd, Sarasota, FL, US

Decided to hide my final tag in this great Geo-caching park. Find one of the largest trees around near the water and you will find the hidden camo container tucked in about knee high around the back.

The park hours are 8am to Sunset daily. There is a small entry fee to go into the park. $4 for a single car occupant or $6 for 2 car occupants.


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check_circle 11 months 3 days ago

I’m so excited I found this! Came searching on my own and could only hope to find it, I’m so excited I did! I’m here in Florida helping out my parents and my daughter told me about snag a tag I had never really done it lol. We were going to come together but that didn’t work out. Drove 40 miles to find it! Thank you for the hide, this is a beautiful park I have never been to! Only saw 1 alligator thank god! Thanks again!!


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