Low: 2279 - Mt Paul

Claimed by mnadler&son 11 months 6 days ago (30d 2h 5m 17s since publication) · visibility Watch (2)

Fox Chase Rd, Chester Township, NJ, US

Signal was hoping to be hidden on top of Mount Paul…but…he didn’t feel like hiking to the top. Sooooo…you can find him near the parking lot!


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check_circle 11 months 6 days ago

The only thing I can say that found this was perseverance. I spent close to an hour looking at the nearby caches, in any object close to the parking lot, but I didn’t give up, and after looking for it like a cache, I found it.

Thanks for the prize, next time around I’ll make sure I play the game too.

Thanks again!!!

mnadler&son w/Cate!


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