Low: 1905 - Low Water near 6666

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US-82, Guthrie, TX, US

location_on N 33 37.919, W 100 21.409

Go low for water near 6666 private airport. It is only fair that tags should be dropped in pairs?? There is a windmill and a retention pond on the south side of this picnic rest stop. Look for the metal fence. The LOW tag is at the base of the left support looking at the windmill.


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description 6 months 1 week ago

Doing a county run out of Lubbock this morning and Signal all but begged us to swing by and pick him up, so we did even though it was a little out of our way. Weird thing, the Doors Riders on the Storm was on the radio warning people not to pick up hitchhikers whose brains are squirming like a toad’s. Has anybody seen Natalie?

Anyways, we got him and he is not hanging around the 6666 environs anymore.


description 10 months 4 weeks ago

Been watching this one as the closest one to me at 6+ hours (one way) away. Wish I had the time to make that drive.....have the high, need the low. BUMMER!


publish 11 months 4 weeks ago