Low: 1848 - swimming with the fishes

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Glassboro Rd, Williamstown, Monroe, NJ, US

You may or may not get your feet wet down here. Signal only had some hiking boots down here when he was playing with the fish and the one duck.


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check_circle 11 months 1 day ago

Have recently learned about snag the tag and have been looking at this one. Today decided to drive from Harrisburg,PA area to hopefully make the find. The kids were really excited so we decided to add some geocaching goals we had into the trip as well. We cached in 2 new states and got 2 more counties we needed along with 6 more Jasmer dates. This was definity the high light of the trip. Thanks for placing this snag the tag.

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description 11 months 3 weeks ago

All fixed up. Good to go.


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