Low: 1779 - Waiting for canoe, kayak or raft

Tampa Bay Geocaching

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River Dr E, New Berlin, TX, US

location_on N 29 33.555, W 097 57.692

I understand that I can get in the water here to head south to the ocean. I need to hitch a ride with a boater but there aren't any around at this time so I will hang out on the backside of the fence with a view of the creek till someone comes along. Would you come help me?


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description 10 months 1 week ago

Finally made it around to checking out what snag the tag is all about. I saw that this one was still marked as available even though this particular game is over. Since Seguin isn't too far from home, I decided to take the drive over to check it out. But no luck! This tag is gone 😥


publish 11 months 4 weeks ago