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High: 063 - To Boldly Go.....

Cobble Ln, Morristown, TN, US location_on N 36 10.132, W 083 13.266

Could not be a more fitting spot... Live long and..watch for traffic It was so nice..I had to use it twice Enjoy....

High: 252 - Look up, look waaaay up...

Ranch Rd, Kananaskis, AB, CA location_on N 51 04.533, W 115 02.988

Only Canadians of a certain vintage will recognize the title of this hide. Anyway, this is a spot where we often come to gaze at the stars and wonder. We've used this spot to watch comets, meteor showers and the odd show of Northern Lights. It reminds us just how teeny we are in the grand scheme of things.

High: 419 - Erster in der Nähe von der Homezone.

Gruibinger Str., Boll, BW, DE location_on N 48 37.961, E 009 36.744 local_parking N 48 37.961, E 009 36.744

Bei Unwetter und Sturm nicht zu nahe an den Baum.

High: 420 - Schöne Aussicht..

Holzwasen, Boll, BW, DE location_on N 48 37.776, E 009 36.774 local_parking N 48 37.776, E 009 36.774

Bank oder Baum, das ist hier die Frage.

High: 797 - Fly in to 6666 Ranch from Yellowstone

US-82, Guthrie, TX, US location_on N 33 37.930, W 100 21.402

Flew in from Yellowstone to drop this High tag near the 6666 private airport. Can you find it? Picnic area, east shelter, up high.

High: 819 - Idylwood Park Hideout

175th Ave NE, Viewpoint, Redmond, WA, US location_on N 47 38.617, W 122 06.300

Great park with nice beaches. Tag is located in the hideout need parking. 6 feet up on the back side.

High: 1040 - Blast Off!

Clark Ln, Waxahachie, TX, US location_on N 32 24.524, W 096 50.304

This seemed like a good place for Signal to explore before embarking on his next journey. You can find him hiding under some mulched leaves in the tree.

High: 1137 - Rocky Mountain High

Heber Springs, AR, US location_on N 35 31.800, W 091 59.867

Signal is enjoying the view of the lake from on top of these bluffs. Watch your step on your way to Signal, leaves and rocks can be a little tricky to navigate on sometimes. Signal found a nice spot under a cedar tree near the “V” of a crevice to sit back and relax while soaking in the scenery.

Low: 1688 - Kennebec Vally Trail

Kennebec Valley Trail, Solon, ME, US location_on N 44 57.634, W 069 52.024

It may be a little tricky to get to this tag- depending on the snow and how well plowed the road is. Turn onto Falls Road and once you are near the tag it is a park and grab. the tag is looking out over the water; you'll need to go around back and look for the whitecap behind the top left beam and support. While the tag is snow- friendly, there may be drifts or plowed snow in front of the kiosk. N 44 57.634 W 069 52.024

Low: 1779 - Waiting for canoe, kayak or raft

River Dr E, New Berlin, TX, US location_on N 29 33.555, W 097 57.692

I understand that I can get in the water here to head south to the ocean. I need to hitch a ride with a boater but there aren't any around at this time so I will hang out on the backside of the fence with a view of the creek till someone comes along. Would you come help me?

Low: 1830 - Make the Hike

Marsh Trail, Kenwood, CA, US location_on N 38 24.693, W 122 35.830

Get your boots on and get ready for a hike. Round trip from the trailhead was a little over six miles for me. There are a couple of caches along the way. This tag is hidden on the back side of annadel. Picture one is of a old homestead. The tag is not hidden in any of the walls please do not disturb the walls. Picture two is the container. Picture three is the hide location. You are looking for some black backline. Good luck with your search. Coyote

Low: 1905 - Low Water near 6666

US-82, Guthrie, TX, US location_on N 33 37.919, W 100 21.409

Go low for water near 6666 private airport. It is only fair that tags should be dropped in pairs?? There is a windmill and a retention pond on the south side of this picnic rest stop. Look for the metal fence. The LOW tag is at the base of the left support looking at the windmill.

Low: 2046 - Signal on New Creek Walk Connector Trail

Confluence Trail, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, US location_on N 33 49.093, W 084 21.791

Signal thought he would explore Peachtree Creek to see if he could take his submarine there. But it was getting late in the day so he decided to stop and rest along the wire fence separating the new Creekwalk Connector Trail from the creek itself. He is parked snuggly under a couple of rocks by the base pole at one end of this new fence. This is a daylight only find! There is no need to walk across the new metal bridge across Peachtree Creek. When you see the sign that says Flood Zone, look at the other end of that wire fence. There is plenty of street parking nearby by the dog park or side streets.

Low: 2391 - The Never Ending Loop

AR-25 Bypass, Heber Springs, AR, US location_on N 35 31.416, W 092 00.262

Signal found a nice trail to walk through nature and enjoy the sounds. If you catch the time of year just right, you can walk on a trail that appears to never end, quite relaxing I might add. You can find Signal taking a nap under a rock to avoid being disturbed.